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Stardew Valley: Which Farm Design You Should Choose


Stardew Valley: Which Farm Design You Should Choose

Always go for Riverlands.

Choosing a Farm Design in Stardew Valley

There are five different farm types you can pick at the start of Stardew Valley, and choosing the best farm design depends on which aspect of the game you want to focus on. The different farm types are:

  • Standard Farm Design
  • Riverland Farm Design
  • Forest Farm Design
  • Hill-top Farm Design
  • Wilderness Farm Design

If you want to focus purely on making money, farming crops, and foraging for items, and you have no interest in the game’s combat parts, it’s recommended that you stay away from the Wilderness layout. This farm type attracts monsters and Golems to your home, and it can be quite the hassle if you’re not ready for it. But if combat is going to be your main focus in the game then, by all means, go for it. If not, the other farm types will be more suitable for you.

The Standard farm type encourages farming, and there’s a ton of space you can clear out for planting crops and building animal coops. On the other hand, Riverland is a really nice layout for those who enjoy the fishing mechanics in Stardew Valley. For this layout, the farm is split into a few small islands, with tons of streams and water bodies for you to fish in.

The Forest layout is the best one for folks who love picking up valuable items and food. This farm type contains berry shrubs, and lots of lush trees and plants. If you’re not that interested in planting crops and raising livestock, the Forest layout is the next best thing for making tons of money.

Lastly, the Hill-top layout is for players who want to focus on mining. This farm type is full of rocks and minerals for you to mine, and it’s a great way of getting geodes. However, this is probably the least lucrative layout as your farming space is decreased, and it’s not as easy making money through rocks and minerals, as compared to the rest of the farm types.

That said, just because one particular farm design is focused on specific aspects, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to farm crops and raise animals even if you choose a Riverlands layout. Choose the layout that best suits your preference, and then take things from there.

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