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What to Expect From Sony At Paris Games Week 2017


What to Expect From Sony At Paris Games Week 2017

Could we finally see more of Detroit: Become Human?

PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation VR Take Center Stage


Sony has hyped up their appearance at next week’s Paris Games Week for some time now. Having teased “big game announcements” to come and with some high profile individuals at the company like social media manager Sid Shuman stating “You don’t want to miss this!”, fans are definitely relied up to see what the house of PlayStation has to offer for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

Given the recent announcement of a new PlayStation VR model and the upcoming release of 4K competitor Xbox One X, it’s very likely that Sony will dedicate some of its presence at the event to showcase the benefits of its hardware offerings. Though it’s admittedly hard to exhibit the novelty of virtual reality on a stage, it’s possible that Sony will announce support in the way of new software additions to the headset’s already expansive catalog. Sony Interactive Entertainment America President Shawn Layden did say that the “best is yet to come” for the device, after all. Fans may finally see major first-party studios like Guerrilla Games or Sucker Punch come on board, even.

A push of PlayStation 4 Pro is very likely too, seeing as a more powerful competitor will be entering the market only days after Paris Games Week is over. More titles that utilize 4K will be showcased, sure, but its quite possible that Sony may seek to undermine Microsoft further by announcing a price drop for the Pro – making the $100 disparity that exists between the two already even more pronounced. Though it seems far-fetched given the fact that the mid-generation console has only one year on the market, it may prove to be a sound business move should executives agree upon it.

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