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Niantic Is “Working to Improve” Pokemon GO’s EX Raids Invitations

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Niantic Is “Working to Improve” Pokemon GO’s EX Raids Invitations

EX Raids invitations have caused a lot of controversy among Pokemon Go fans but Niantic may have a fix.

It’s no secret that Pokemon Go’s EX Raids are in need of some calibrating. EX Raids give players an opportunity to catch rare and legendary Pokemon such as Mewtwo but one may only participate in EX Raids if they have an invitation. However, how these invitations are being distributed and to who has been the source of many headaches. Some fans of the game believe that the system feels a bit like a lottery and isn’t properly rewarding players who are devoting their time to progressing in the game. Others feel that it is just a tool to press players for more cash as you can buy passes in the Pokemon Go shop using real-world currency. It doesn’t help that most EX Raids have taken place at sponsored Pokemon Go spots, which gives the impression that Niantic is trying to push you into spending money with these establishments.

Fans have voiced their frustrations about the problems with EX Raid invitations and it looks the Niantic has heard them loud and clear, the company took to Twitter to let fans know changes are coming.

Though we can be hopeful changes are coming soon we have not heard any word on how long these changes will take and exactly what kind of changes will be made. It is a good sign that Niantic is listening to feedback and will hopefully address the issues fans of the game have made. Pokemon Go doesn’t quite have the hype surrounding it anymore like it did at launch but there are still a lot of devoted fans who are hoping that Niantic will stick to its promise to keep adding necessary changes to make the game more fun and accessible.

With Gen 3 hopefully coming before the end of the year Pokemon Go is due for a large update. This would be a perfect time to implement the new EX Raid invitation system as well as possibly introducing trading and player vs. player battles into the game. For more news on Pokemon Go and everything awesome in the gaming world check back daily to

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This post was originally authored by Chaz Elliott.

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