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Halloween Banner Coming to Fire Emblem Heroes

fire emblem heroes

Halloween Banner Coming to Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem characters go Trick-or-Treating!

A new Fire Emblem Heroes banner has been revealed, and it looks like four popular 3DS characters are going Trick-or-Treating!

The banner, which arrives on Monday, Oct. 30, features Sakura, Jakob, Henry, and Nowi clad in Halloween costumes. Still, just because they look silly doesn’t mean you should take these heroes lightly. Their base skillsets are scary, particularly Nowi and Sakura’s.

Nowi seems to be the best of the batch, but we’ll see in time. Dressed like a witch, Nowi rides a broomstick into battle and is classified as a flier. She has a legendary red tome, Grimoire, which allows her to move to any space adjacent to an ally within two spaces. In addition to this crazy mobility, the tome packs a punch at 14 might. She also has a new skill “Atk/Res Bond” which boosts her attack and resistance by 5 points each if she has an ally next to her. But perhaps most excitingly, she comes with Hone Fliers. Previously, only Hinoka had this skill, making it difficult to create powerful “flier emblem” teams that revolve around boosting the entire team’s stats by 6 points each.

Sakura is a standout as well, and is the next unit that seems built to counter Reinhardt and other powerful mages. In this form, she’s dressed as a Nekomata, a mythical Japanese cat. Her weapon, Kitty Paddle+, does effective damage against mages and debuffs an enemy’s defense and attack by 7 after combat. Warding Stance adds 6 points to her resistance when she is attacked, and she comes with Guard as well. That skill stops an opponent’s special from triggering, rendering the ever popular Moonbow Reinhardt build rather underwhelming. Resistance is the theme with Sakura, as her offensive special is Glacies, which boosts her attack power by 80% of her resistance. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

Jakob doesn’t seem to be as powerful as the two costumed ladies. He’s dressed as a vampire… kind of… and attacks with Monstrous Bow+. This 12 might bow also turns all bonuses into penalties on foes within two spaces of where he attacked. Bracing Blow, his slot A skill, adds 4 points to his defense and resistance upon initiation. His Ignis special adds 80% of his defense to his attack power as well, so be careful not to lose track of that cooldown when you’re facing him! The most interesting thing about him is his Wary Fighter skill. That skill, up until now, has only been available on armored units. Jakob may well be an armored unit, but he doesn’t really look like it from his attire. If he is indeed infantry this could be game changing, but my guess is he’s actually an armored unit. That would make him the first armored archer in Fire Emblem Heroes, however!

Lastly, Henry, the true vampire of the bunch, is an armored unit who carries around a casket as a shield. He attacks with Spectral Tome+, which has 12 might and also debuffs enemies. He’s the first mage to be classified as an armor user, which limits his movement to one space per turn but usually means high base stats. His special is Reprisal, which adds 30% of the damage he has taken to his damage dealt, and he’s the second unit to have the excellent Armor March skill available.

You can roll the dice for these characters when come to Fire Emblem Heroes on Oct. 30!

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This post was originally written by Tyler Kelbaugh.

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