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Discord Has Launched Its Verified Servers Feature


Discord Has Launched Its Verified Servers Feature

Making things easier for developers and communities.

Discord is working to help make its service easier for people to help figure out which servers are official and which ones are fake.

The program will offer special servers to developers who will have complete control over, where developers can make announcements and speak with the community much in the same way that regular community servers work. This will help bring players and the game creators they love together in a new way.

Verified community servers will be part of the official channel lineup with a special vanity URL, splash screen that can be customized, and a special verified badge like the blue Twitter checkmark for verified accounts.

Several game creators have already had special verified servers made for them, including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Minecraft. There are over 100 servers having been created for this special purpose. Any developer can apply for the status, so if you have a game community that would benefit from a verified server, you can apply and see if it can be put together. It can only help!


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