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Concrete Genie Sketches Its Way to the PS4 Next Year

Concrete Genie, PS4


Concrete Genie Sketches Its Way to the PS4 Next Year

Art comes to life.

Concrete Genie was just announced at the PlayStation’s Paris Games Week conference. The game focuses on artistic elements as the protagonist has the ability to draw various landscapes and creatures with a paintbrush-like tool. These drawings literally come to life on the buildings you draw them on, making for a vibrant and colorful sight.

The game seems to offer plenty of designs that you can mix and match. It also seems like the creatures will play a big part in the game.

The artistic protagonist is a young man who stumbles across the magical paintbrush. While we don’t know much, he seems to be the subject of bullying among his peers. Moreover, it seems like some of the other kids want to steal his magical paintbrush.

Concrete Genie is slated to arrive on the PS4 this 2018. Check out the trailer below to learn more:


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