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BattlEye Bans 13,000 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Cheaters Every Day

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

BattlEye Bans 13,000 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Cheaters Every Day

That’s an impressive number!

It feels like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has constantly been in the news in recent months,and almost none of the talk about it has been negative – the game has seriously made waves in the industry as of late. Today, it was announced that the anti-cheat service that PUBG utilizes, BattlEye, is extremely effective at tackling cheaters, with between 6,000 and 13,000 players banned every single day. In total, the anti-cheat tool has banned over 322,000 cheaters, and this number will continue to grow as the game still rises in popularity.

It’s an interesting but unsurprising statistic to know that the vast majority of bans in PUBG are from China – the game is incredibly popular over there, and in early October there was a slew of complaints about lag and in-game advertising, resulting in a Steam-based review bomb. The amount of bans and review-bomb fiasco are likely unrelated, though – the number of cheaters is likely due to the sheer number of players coming from China.

BattlEye is a well-known Anti-cheat program at this point, and whilst PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is easily the most popular game that utilises it, the service has been around for many years, and a great many games count on it – ensuring its effectiveness when it comes to bans.

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