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Underwater Horror Game SOMA Rated for Xbox One

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Underwater Horror Game SOMA Rated for Xbox One

Pretty exciting for Xbox One owners.

Frictional Games’ trippy underwater horror title, SOMA, might be coming to Xbox One soon – PEGI has listed a rating for the game on the console. Before now, the game was only available for PC via Steam and on PS4, so finally Xbox fans will be able to play this absolute gem of a game.

SOMA originally released two years ago now, so it’s a little late to the party for Xbox owners, but a welcome surprise nonetheless. From Frictional Games, the creators of one of the most defining horror games of last generation, Amnesia, SOMA tells an amazing story in a unique setting, and now everyone will be able to enjoy it. It’s got some quality scares, too. A rating from PEGI usually means that a release will be very soon, so keep your eye out for an official announcement from Frictional.

If you’re a PC or PS4 owner and are only just hearing about SOMA now, then do yourself a favour and give it a try. If that’s not enough to convince you, then check out our glowing review of the game here.

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