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Download NBA 2K18: The Prelude Now on PS4 and Xbox One

NBA 2K18 The Neighborhood

Download NBA 2K18: The Prelude Now on PS4 and Xbox One

Get ready for DJ!

NBA 2K18: The Prelude is now available to download on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live, allowing players to experience the overhauled MyCareer mode and the shared open-world called The Neighborhood. The demo, which weighs around 12GB on both PS4 and Xbox One, should be available across all regions as 2K previously promised a simultaneous release time globally.

NBA 2K18: The Prelude puts players in the shoes of DJ, a guy who stopped shooting hoops to play music. Aside from getting to play a few street ball matches in The Proving grounds and a match as an undrafted free agent of your chosen NBA team, The Prelude let’s you experience roaming around The Neighborhood. Here, you can interact with online players, play pickup matches, and purchase various outfits to customize your baller.

NBA 2K18: The Prelude also allows players to experience the wealth of changes and improvements coming to the main game, such as the vastly improved AI and the new shot meter. NBA 2K18 also has dual archetypes now for custom characters, bringing a total of 189 archetype variations to make each play style more diverse.

Players can also test out the face scan feature for their custom character via the NBA 2K18 companion app, which became available for mobile devices yesterday.

Progress in The Prelude can be carried over to the full game, so play your best and make your decisions wisely. There’s still enough time to tinker with your custom character before the game launches in September 19 for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, though pre-order customers can get the game as early as September 15.

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