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NBA 2K18: How Much Does it Cost?


NBA 2K18: How Much Does it Cost?


Another year brings another great version of NBA 2K that is already being enjoyed by a huge player base. NBA 2K18 makes a host of improvements to the plot and progression system in the career mode, as well as tweaking the series hallmark stellar gameplay and graphics. Whether you’re a seasoned 2K17 player or newcomer to the franchise looking to make the jump to the latest version, you’re going to want to know how much each version is to purchase. But with so many different editions, the price is entirely dependent on which option you go for. Let’s break it down.

NBA 2K18 comes in three separate versions: NBA 2K18 Standard, Legend, and Legend Gold Edition. For individuals who wanted to pre-order the game, there was an Early Tip-Off version, too, which gave access to the game four days before its full launch, but that period is now over. The Early Tip-Off version is still available to purchase from most retailers, but there is no difference between it and the standard game.

The standard version of the game is available for $59.99 and is the base package that includes no extra features.

At $99, the Legend Edition is more expensive, but it features a whole bunch of additional digital and physical content that will appeal to fans of Shaquille O’Neal. Along with receiving 100,000 VC and 20 MYTEAM Packs, guaranteed Shaq card, and one random Team 2K Free Agent card to help you on your way, you’ll also benefit from neat Shaquille O’Neal cosmetic additions, such as Shaq Attaq shoes, Rookie Shaq jersey, Shaq Official Logo shirt, Shaq “nickname” jersey, Shaq Championship ring. For those that order a physical edition of the game, there’s also a poster, 5 Panini cards (out of 10 possible), and special Shaq MyTEAM stickers included. Note that if you purchase the game digitally, you will not receive any physical extras.

The Legend Edition Gold is priced at a hefty $149. It comes with all the same extras as the Legend Edition, though you’ll get an extra 50,000 VC and 20 MYTEAM packs over the Legend Edition. Most notably, it includes digital perks, such as Mitchell & Ness Shaq jersey collection (5 in total) and Kyrie Irving MyPlayer Apparel. Additionally, the physical version is wrapped in a sleek lenticular cover.

All three versions of NBA 2K18 are available on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch. If you have any further questions about the game, be sure to check out wiki page.

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