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NBA 2K18: How to Change Clothes and Shoes


NBA 2K18: How to Change Clothes and Shoes

How to Change Clothes and Shoes in NBA 2K18

While NBA 2K18 is (mostly) about all that slick basketball action, the introduction of the Neighborhood social space makes fashion and standing out from the crowd a new concern for fans. When you first spawn into this area in NBA 2K18, you’ll likely spot a bunch of other people wearing the same standard brown shirt as you. Now, style isn’t everything, but you’re gonna need some fresh threads and shoes before you hit the courts for your rep, of course. Here’s how to change clothes and shoes in the game.

Once you’ve actually acquired clothes and shoes from one of the many clothes stores, or Foot Locker for shoes, you’ll want to head back towards The Venue. You’re not going inside here, but across the street, you’ll see a fancy looking door with a bellhop stood outside it. Go and interact with this and select the MyCourt option when you’re in the elevator. This can take a while to load up, so be patient and you’ll get there… eventually.

When it’s finally loaded, make your way all the way over to the right of MyCourt. You should see a door with a sign that says “Closet” above it. You need to press X on PS4/ A on Xbox One/ B on Switch, and you’ll be able to get in. At least, you should be able to. A bunch of players have been reporting that the button prompt disappears as soon as it appears, meaning you can’t get in. It seems a little glitched at the moment, but once you finally are able to get in, you can change your clothes and shoes to your heart’s content.

That’s about everything you need to know about changing clothes and shoes in NBA 2K18. For more on the game, be sure to check out our wiki.

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