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Quirky Robot Shooter Morphie’s Law Coming to Nintendo Switch this Winter


Quirky Robot Shooter Morphie’s Law Coming to Nintendo Switch this Winter

My, what a big head you have

Anyone who has been dying to get their hands on a shooter that feels like no other shooter out there should certainly have their eye on Morphie’s Law. Morphie’s Law is a quirky robot morphology driven 3D shooter where players will see their characters change shape and size throughout the game. This unusual game will be headed to the Nintendo Switch first as a console exclusive this Winter.

If you haven’t actually seen what Morphie’s Law is all about, this shooter adds in a rather interesting new mechanic to the shooter genre. Getting shot in the game will actually cause the body part that takes damage to morph. It’s because Morphie’s Law works on the concept that this ammo is actually stealing body mass from its target. So as you shoot your opponents legs, their legs will shrink while yours will grow. At first glance this may seem like a disadvantage — larger body parts means larger target — but that’s not entirely the case here. Altering the size of body parts also causes different boosts to be activated in the game. Players with larger legs will find themselves being able to easily hop on top of tall buildings while their little-let enemies struggle to gain any high ground. It’s a concept that seems delightfully wacky and could really encourage players to be particularly strategic when going up against other players.

Just don’t forget that if the shooter sounds interesting to you, you’ll need to be the owner of a Nintendo Switch to give it a try.

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