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Final Fantasy XV Will Receive New Content Focusing on Story in 2018

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Final Fantasy XV Will Receive New Content Focusing on Story in 2018

The road trip continues.

During Square Enix’s Active Time Report broadcast at Tokyo Game Show earlier today, director Hajime Tabata took to the stage to announce that development on more content for Final Fantasy XV will continue into next year with an emphasis on continuing the game’s story.

Though it was originally planned for the title to receive additional content through to this year with support ultimately culminating with Episode Ignis in December, Tabata stated that there’s been a change of plans. The reason for this is to make Final Fantasy XV feel more complete, as the man stated, “It won’t only be about digging further into characters through additional episodes, but we must show more for the base world’s setting in order to better depict how its characters are living.”

Tabata stressed the importance of this, adding that he’s currently putting together a team to make his plans come to fruition.

Not much other information was given as to exact details surrounding the content, nor whether it will take the form of paid DLC, free updates, or a mixture of both. In any case, today’s announcement bodes well for fans rallying Square Enix to continue the game’s story. Keep in mind that Tabata was referring to the main game itself as he spoke, not the title’s upcoming multiplayer expansion.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a Windows version releasing early next year. In other news for the game, a trailer detailing the title’s universe was released at this year’s Tokyo Game Show recently, revealing a new look into Episode Ignis.

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