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Destiny 2: Where Eris’ Location Is


Destiny 2: Where Eris’ Location Is

Where to Find Eris Morn in Destiny 2

There are some Destiny 2 spoilers ahead in this guide which are necessary to explain the situation with Eris. If you’ve yet to beat the main story and unlock all areas of the game, we suggest turning back if spoilers are a thing you don’t like. If you just really wanna find Eris and have no concern about spoilers, read on, Guardian.

After beating Destiny 2’s story, players take back the Tower from the Red Legions’ grip and move back in. Here, you can see many of the vendors from the first game return to sell their wares. Banshee-44 is back at his rightful post as Gunsmith, Amanda Holiday deals in all things that move fast, Master Rahool is still not giving us the gear we want, and the Vanguard reps are back to giving us missions to complete and various bounties.

However, there’s one person who was present at the end of Destiny 1 that has been noticeably missing from Destiny 2, and that’s Eris Morn. Eris is an NPC that joined the cast as part of The Dark Below, the original Destiny’s first major expansion. She lost her entire Fireteam on the moon and was even trapped there for some time when she stole the eyes of a Hive Knight and implanted them onto her own in order to see and escape. She eventually became a useful vendor as well as a major player in the overall plot. Because of this, many players are searching for her in the Tower and other places within Destiny 2.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much you search. She will not be found. When inquired about during the main story arc of the game, it’s said that the last time she was seen was when Ghaul’s assault began. Since then nobody has heard from her at all. It’s curious considering Destiny 2 also includes plenty of mention of Savathun, a Hive god that some believe is served by Eris (she makes mention of a queen after Oryx is slain during The Taken King’s story). This may lead to her reappearing in the future, only with some Hive and possibly Taken in tow. But for now, she’s simply not in Destiny 2.

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