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Destiny 2: How to Transfer Your Character


Destiny 2: How to Transfer Your Character

How to Transfer Your Character in Destiny 2

Longtime fans of Destiny have been awaiting Destiny 2. Everyone wants to continue the story with the character they’ve grown to love with their time in the beta, so you’re not alone in searching for this guide! Luckily, the process to transfer your character in Destiny 2 is very easy.

If you played the game, your character will transfer automatically so long as you play it on the same console as you did before. Played on PS4? Make sure to play it again the same way. Xbox One works the same way. Of course, if you have friends or loved ones that play on the other versions, maybe you’ll want to sacrifice all your progress…? Nah, nevermind that.

There are some things to note when it comes to transferring your character, though. You only bring the likeness of your guardians from Destiny to Destiny 2. All of your powers and gear are left in the past. However, your experiences come forward as a nice legacy recap at the beginning of the game as well as dialogue that reflects your progress from the first game.

Also, since this is the first release in the franchise to be heading to the PC, there is no transfer available. You’ll have to start as a new light and build an entirely new legend. You also can’t transfer Destiny 2 characters between platforms either, so no starting on one console and moving elsewhere.

Destiny 2 released on PS4 and Xbox One on Sept. 6. PC players will join in on the fun on Oct. 24. The game is massive, so don’t be ashamed if you need more help or have any other questions. Let us know what we can help you with in the comments below, or check out our massive wiki for more guides!

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