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You Can Listen to the Full Destiny 2 Soundtrack for Free, Right Now

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You Can Listen to the Full Destiny 2 Soundtrack for Free, Right Now

Available for your listening pleasure.

Bungie games have always featured great musical scores. Think back to Halo’s haunting title theme, and the original Destiny’s soundtrack was equally memorable (save for Paul McCartney’s effort, perhaps). Destiny 2 is no exception, with gorgeous orchestral arrangements that convey the grandeur of scale in this space epic, and it’s now available in full for your listening pleasure.

Bungie has now released the full soundtrack for free via a YouTube playlist, which features all 33 tracks, spanning more than 2.5 hours of music from the Destiny 2 official soundtrack.

Destiny 2’s music was composed by Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, C. Paul Johnson, Rotem Moav, and Peter Schlosser. In a statement, the composers talked about what they wanted to achieve with Destiny 2’s music:

“In creating the music that will drive you through moments of loss and recovery, we have asked that same question of ourselves. The new soundtrack was composed to capture the somber spirit of a civilization confronting immense tragedy, and also to inspire bravery in the hearts of our heroes as they stand together and fight to reclaim all that they hold dead. We hope that you enjoy the music that accompanies this bold new adventure. Be brave all over again, Guardians.”

You can buy Destiny 2’s OST from the Bungie Store for $10 to get a digital copy, not a physical one. The soundtrack comes with options for MP3, Lossless, and Flac formats. Additionally, it has liner notes from the composers, along with a code to unlock a player emblem called “Resonant Chord” for Destiny 2.

You can listen to the full OST on Bungie’s YouTube channel. Check out the first track below:


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