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Destiny 2: How to Level Up Vendors


Destiny 2: How to Level Up Vendors

How to Level Up Vendors in Destiny 2

There are some spoilers regarding vendors (and their level up requirements) in Destiny 2 in this guide. Read ahead at your own risk.

There are a lot of vendors available in Destiny 2 that you can interact with and obtain some useful gear. Some of them can be leveled up which earns you some useful rewards, other vendors grant you rewards for completing quests. Below is a list of vendors that you can level up and what’s needed for them.

Destiny 2 Vendors You Can Level Up

  • Lord Shaxx (Farm, Tower) – Crucible Overseer accepts Crucible Tokens which you obtain from competing in matches.
  • Arcite 99-40 (Farm Gunsmith) – He only accepts gunsmith materials, which you get from dismantling weapons and armor.
  • Banshee-44 (Tower Gunsmith) – Just like Arcite, you need gunsmith materials.
  • Devrim Kay (EDZ) – Takes EDZ Tokens as well as Dusklight Shards.
  • Sloane (Titan) – Takes Arcology Tokens and Alkane Dust.
  • Failsafe (Nessus) – Takes Nessus Tokens as well as Microphasic Datalattice.
  • Asher Mir (Io) – Takes Io tokens.

Note that giving larger amounts at once will net you more experience. So it’s better to go to each vendor with multiples of 10 of each of their respective tokens and materials. When you turn items in, they automatically are given in stacks of 10, 5, or 1 depending on how many you have, so just bring a ton. Each time they level up, you’ll get a couple of Legendary items that can be used to boost your power and make the game a lot easier.

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