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Destiny 2: How to Make a Clan


Destiny 2: How to Make a Clan

How to Make a Clan in Destiny 2

Looking to team up with other players in Bungie’s latest installment in the Destiny universe? Making a clan to interact with others in Destiny 2 is an absolute breeze, and something you should absolutely look into doing if you’re not too keen on taking on raids and other events alone. You’ll need to head online to do this, however, so if you’re sitting at your console you can do this via mobile phone or jump on your desktop or laptop to get this done.

First, head to, log in with your account, and look at the top left of the screen to see the word “Clan.” Mouse over it and a menu will appear with “My Clan” and “Clans.” Just click on the word “Clan” and let the next page load. Here, you’ll type in any relevant information, such as your clan’s name, clan motto, and the host name that you’ll see next to your in-game name. There’s also a space for you to write in your community information and tell everyone a little bit about your clan, what it’s for, and how it’s meant to be used.

You can set the language your clan speaks as well and whether or not people joining requires approval. From here, you can also check out the clans you belong to currently, as you can join more than one. If you’re creating a clan, you’ll automatically be given the role of Founder.

Once you’ve gotten all the pertinent information added for your fledgling clan, you can set up your special clan banner, chat channels, and edit any sections that still need more work. You can invite members, edit members, and change up any other important information from here as well. After you complete all the relevant information related to your clan, you’re done here and ready to start recruiting.

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