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Destiny 2: How to Get Commander’s Blessing and What it Does


Destiny 2: How to Get Commander’s Blessing and What it Does

How to Get Commander’s Blessing in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 hasn’t been out long but fans are already finding secrets in the game. The first, the Commander’s Blessing, can be activated at The Farm.

Go to the awning to the left of Tyra’s hut. Turn around and head down to the water in the creek and up the other side towards the water wheel. Jump through it and up to the roof of the building it is connected to, then jump onto the top of the wheel. Run on it until ‘Wheel Boost Completed’ appears on the left of the screen, meaning you have added sentry ranks twice. Your character should be glowing blue at this time.

Next, get onto the power lines on the other side of the roof and head over to the next roof top. Jump over to the far left corner of that building and get onto the power lines that are there, being careful not to fall off. Once you’re at the next building it will say ‘Vertigo Completed’ on the left of the screen, which is your cue to head back down to the ground.

Then, go back around to the awning at the start, and round the back of the building and over to the fire pit at the end of The Farm area. You will then be able to activate ‘Start Scouting Patrol’. Hold square/X and you will turn Red. Glowing beams of white light will then appear around The Farm one by one. Head to each one and stand in the light to activate them. Run around the map as quickly as you can to activate them all (there’s 10 of them). Once you have done the final one, it will tell you how long you took and you’ll be awarded with the Commander’s Blessing which will see you remain a glowing blue color and you will be able to jump higher than the rest of the Guardians in The Farm. Just be warned, the effects only last while you are at The Farm and they will be gone if you leave and return.

That is how you get the Commander’s Blessing in Destiny 2. For more on the game, check out our wiki.

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