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Destiny 2: All Month 1 Activities


Destiny 2: All Month 1 Activities

All Month 1 Activities Coming to Destiny 2

Veteran Guardians will know that Destiny 2 isn’t just about its story missions. Once you’ve reached the conclusion of your clash with Ghaul, there’s still plenty of in-game activities, grinding, and PvP fun to be had. To give players an idea of what’s to come, Bungie has outlined all month 1 activities coming to Destiny 2 in September.

From Xur’s awaited return to the release of Flashpoints and the hotly anticipated Raid, there’s plenty going on in month 1 for Destiny 2. You can check out the full list below.

Tuesday, Sept. 12:

  • Nightfall: The Inverted Spire
  • Nightfall Guided Games Beta Begins
  • Flashpoint: Nessus

Wednesday, Sept. 13:

  • Leviathan Raid Begins

Friday, Sept. 15:

  • Trials of the Nine Begins (Countdown on Eternity)
  • Xur Returns with Exotics

Tuesday, Sept. 19

  • Nightfall: Exodus Crash
  • Flashpoint: I0

Friday, Sept. 22

  • Trials of the Nine (Survival on Altar of Flame)
  • Xur Returns with Exotics

Tuesday, Sept. 26

  • Nightfall: The Pyramidion
  • Flashpoint: Titan
  • Leviathan Raid Guided Games Beta Begins
  • Faction Rally Begins

Friday, Sept. 29

  • Trials of the Nine (Survival on Emperor’s Respite)
  • Xur Returns with Exotics

And there you have all of Destiny 2’s month 1 activities. For more on the game, be sure to check out our comprehensive wiki.

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