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Cuphead: How to Beat Goopy Le Grande (Ruse of an Ooze)


Cuphead: How to Beat Goopy Le Grande (Ruse of an Ooze)

How to Beat Ruse of an Ooze and Goopy Le Grand in Cuphead

Goopy Le Grande, the boss of Ruse of an Ooze in Cuphead, is one of the earlier baddies in the game and possibly the first to give some sort of real challenge. You’ll have to stay alert during this fight if you hope to survive the encounter and collect yet another contract. There are three phases for this fight, with the first two being the real threats, and the last being the easiest.

Small Goopy

You’ll fight Goopy Le Grande in Ruse of an Ooze in his smallest form at first. He’ll bounce back and forth across the screen, so just shoot him while waiting to dodge under him. He won’t suddenly change directions on you. Every now and then he’ll stop; at this point, you want to be either far away or behind him as he’ll do a huge attack that you can’t duck under. Luckily, it only reaches across about a third of the screen. Avoid that, then continue as usual until he stops and flips a coin. At this point, three pink question marks will appear over his head. Parry all of them (these are the only things you can parry in the whole fight), and then wait behind him as he transforms into large Goopy.

Large Goopy

Large Goopy fights just like small Goopy, only he covers a much larger area so you’ll need to be extra careful when evading him. The good news is that his big attack can be easily evaded by simply ducking. So just duck and keep shooting. When he’s bouncing, do just like you did with the smaller form until you kill him. At this point, he will become an angry gravestone.

Gravestone Goopy

This is the easiest form to beat. It will just move left and right, so jump and make sure to keep hitting the blue part of it. This form of Ruse of an Ooze’s boss is technically in the background, meaning that while it’s moving, it can’t harm you. When it stops moving, just make sure you’re not in front of it as the gravestone will do a quick slam. Other than that, just keep shooting until it’s all dead.

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