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Cuphead: How to Beat Floral Fury (Cagney Carnation)


Cuphead: How to Beat Floral Fury (Cagney Carnation)

How to Beat Floral Fury in Cuphead

Cagney Carnation is a huge, angry flower that you’ll have to fight in the Cuphead mission Floral Fury. The fight is relatively straightforward, with the biggest importance being knowing what to dodge in the fight. There are two phases: normal Cagney and pissed off Cagney.

Normal Cagney

In this form, you have your three platforms and the floor is safe to stand on as well. Cagney will employ various different attacks which include: firing large seeds, spreading small seeds which sprout enemies, shooting a bird boomerang, and a melee attack that stretches across the entire screen. Below we’ve detailed how to deal with each. Just remember to constantly shoot the boss during Floral Fury while following the below evasive maneuvers.

Melee – Cagney will either duck low or hide its face while standing. If it ducks low, stay on the platforms as the melee attack will cover the whole floor. If it hides its face while standing, drop onto the floor.

Machine Gun – If Cagney’s face turns into a machine gun, get ready to move around as it will shoot small seeds into the air that will slowly drift to the ground. Parry the pink ones for an EX charge, and shoot whatever sprouts from the rest.

Large Seeds – Cagney has two attacks that can follow it clapping its hands together. One of them is that it fires three large seeds at Cuphead. These are easy to dodge, but be mindful that they have slight homing capabilities when moving towards you.

Boomerang – The other attack from the clapped hands is a boomerang. It will go along the top first, before returning along the bottom. Just jump to avoid it.

Angry Cagney

The final phase isn’t too difficult, but you need to be extra mindful of where you’re standing. A huge, thorny vine will cover the floor, leaving only the platforms to stand on. Every few seconds, two random platforms will be wrapped in vines. Do not stand on these as they will shoot up into a spike. When that happens you can return to them. As far as attacks go. Cagney will shoot small orbs. Avoid the white ones and parry the pink ones if you can (or just avoid them to not risk getting hurt). Just shoot the boss while dodging until it’s dead. That’s another Cuphead boss down.


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