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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Gets Four More Games

Batman: Arkham Origins


Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Gets Four More Games

The Dark Knight, and some other games, come to Xbox One.

One of Xbox One’s biggest assets over its competition from Sony and Nintendo is its extensive backwards compatibility. Today, four more Xbox 360 games got added to the list, though only one of them is likely to pique most player’s interest.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Batman: Arkham Origins

The biggest game of the four is definitely Batman: Arkham Origins. This 2013 game is the prequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum and fills in some of the backstory for the rest of the series.

The other three games are somewhat disappointing in comparison.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Disney’s Bolt

Disney’s Bolt is predictably based on the animated movie. You play Bolt as he tackles platforms. It features other characters from the film, and is a faithful if mediocre adaptation. The game came out in 2008, so don’t expect to be floored by its graphics either. However, Bolt is definitely family friendly, and you can let your kids play it without worrying.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Deadliest Warrior

Deadliest Warrior is based on the TV show which depicted fictional battles between two sets of warriors (think Samurai vs. Medieval Knights). Historical experts would then argue about who would win. Well, they made a game out of this where you can choose from a range of fighters and pit them against each other to see who wins. It’s an OK game, but not among the best fighters from the Xbox 360.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Fighting Vipers

Sega’s Fighting Vipers joins Virtua Fighter 2 and Sonic the Fighters to be the third Xbox 360 Sega fighting game to get backwards compatibility. The game originally made its debut on Sega Saturn and arcade, so it has that edgy polygon look that’s so endearing.

With a dearth of exclusives and console-selling games, backwards compatibility is a feature that is keeping the Xbox One relevant while Microsoft ramps up to launch the Xbox One X.


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