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LawBreakers ‘Are You Skilled?’ Launch Trailer Released

LawBreakers, switch


LawBreakers ‘Are You Skilled?’ Launch Trailer Released

Ready to fight?

LawBreakers is the new first-person shooter hero game from Gears of War’s Cliff Bleszinski and offers players fast paced adrenaline fueled action featuring larger than life characters battling it out across a variety of distinct maps. If you’re pumped for LawBreakers then you’ll want to check out this launch trailer for the game which begs the question; Are you skilled AF?

The trailer shows off plenty of action packed gameplay that shows this is probably the fastest first-person shooter you’ve ever seen. Check it out for yourself below:

LawBreakers is released today, August 8, for the PC and PlayStation 4. The game was originally set to be a free-to-play model but that was changed and it now costs $30. It was speculated that the game might be coming to the Xbox One but Bleszinski has since ruled this out.

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