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Fidget Spinner Simulator Releases a $30 “Premium Member” DLC With a Gold Spinner and Vape

Fidget Spinner Simulator


Fidget Spinner Simulator Releases a $30 “Premium Member” DLC With a Gold Spinner and Vape

Discounted from $50.

Fidget Spinner Simulator, the indie Steam title featured under the platform’s new releases and based off the global meme phenomenon, has recently released a new DLC titled “Premium Member” offering players the incentive of obtaining a “premium” gold plated fidget spinner and a gold plated vape all for $29.99 – discounted 40% from its regular price of $49.99 – with the promotion lasting until August 14. The DLC also unlocks the “Premium Member” achievement.

The base game is required to receive all of these perks, but rest assured that that only goes for $0.99. Speaking of the title itself, Fidget Spinner Simulator, developed by RedSquare Studios, lets players traverse on a hoverboard, vape and, of course, whirl fidget spinners all while staying true to what the title’s official Steam page calls the “trend theme of 2017.” It’s received mostly positive reviews from an overall count of 244 since its release on July 30 and includes a multiplayer portion that allows users to make private lobbies where they can ride hoverboards with their friends.

According to user reports some features have yet to work, as many claim that the vape functionality is nonexistent and that when riding around the title’s two maps one can often fall into their scenery. Indeed, the landscape for the user is flat throughout, meaning that when there are apparent bumps on the plane the player rides into, rather than over, them. What’s more is that camera issues are rampant and all of the title’s achievements are unlocked upon immediately starting the game, all making for what seems like not a great experience.

Here’s hoping that the developer fixes these problems in the near future.

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