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Overwatch: All New Summer Games 2017 Highlight Intros


Overwatch: All New Summer Games 2017 Highlight Intros

Super sporty.

All New Summer Games 2017 Highlight Intros in Overwatch

Rejoice! As the Summer Games event has returned to Overwatch with tons of awesome new items. Along with all the changes to Lucioball, we also got tons of new cosmetic items to pick up along with the old skins, highlight intros, sprays, and more from last year. New items will be priced more, with all the older items costing the same as normal loot boxes items all during the event.

The new skins, including an amazing BBQ themed number for Solider: 76 and biker dude ensemble for Reaper, are some of the best and creative ones yet. Also included are two new highlight intros for offense character Pharah and defense character Hanzo.

The first new Overwatch Summer Games highlight intro shows off Pharah using her jump jets to pull off an amazing dunk, making everyone who tries to knock the basketballs in the spawn rooms of Nepal, Ilios, Lijiang Tower, and Oasis super jealous.

And here’s Hanzo showing off his mad archery skills, pulling off a move that even Merida from Brave would be impressed by.

You can also pick the highlight intros that came to Overwatch from last year’s Summer Games event, including one for Tracer, Junkrat, and Lucio. For more Summer Games 2017, check out everything you need to know about the update from cosmetic items to patch notes here.

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