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New Night in the Woods Merchandise Teased by Game’s Co-Creator

night in the woods


New Night in the Woods Merchandise Teased by Game’s Co-Creator

*arms wiggle excitedly*

It appears you won’t have to pull off any crimes to get some new Night in the Woods merch, as one of the game’s creators Scott Benson has teased some upcoming goodies said to come sometime next month.

Night in the Woods already has some official merchandise on its website, including some t-shirts and handmade plushies of some of the characters, but from Benson’s tweet seen below it looks like we might be getting a new strap-back, possibly another hat with Mae and Gregg’s favorite “Crimes” pastime written on it, and as far as we can tell what appears to be a couple more t-shirts.

Another one of the game’s creators and story writer Bethany Hockenberry also stopped by the screen printers, showing off numerous boxes of future merch.

No other details have been released thus far, with September given as a loose suggestion to when we will see all this new swag. Benson adds in another tweet that this “isn’t even all the stuff, not by a longshot stay tuned kids”. Keep your eyes peeled next month for some new official gear for Night in the Woods.


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