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Overwatch: What Mercy’s PTR Update Changes Are


Overwatch: What Mercy’s PTR Update Changes Are

What Mercy’s PTR Update Changes in Overwatch Are

Anyone who loves playing support heroes in Overwatch but doesn’t like the hide-and-go Rez strategy that Mercy demands should be pretty excited about the recent rework to her kit. Jeff Kaplan took to YouTube to announce that some new balancing updates were being tested on Overwatch’s PTR and a complete overhaul to the game’s resident guardian angel was clearly a priority. The changes focus on getting rid of Mercy’s previous ultimate ability Resurrect. Turns out the Overwatch team agrees with frustrated players who have seen too many well timed ultimates and pushes for the payload ruined all thanks to one clever Mercy player hiding in the corner. One of the most effective strategies to use was to order your team to die on the point if multiple players had low health and were currently losing a team fight. At this point, all of your teammates make sure they get eliminated on the point before she swoops in and brings her entire team back at full health.

It was effective but the Overwatch team doesn’t think it’s a very fun or fair way to play the game. So they changed Mercy’s ultimate ability and tweaker Resurrect so it could act as Mercy’s second ability. Here are all the details of the latest Mercy changes being tested on Overwatch’s PTR right now.

Resurrect Has Been Added As An Ability

  • Resurrect will now only impact a single player
  • Radius reduced to 5 meters
  • Has a significant cooldown of 30 seconds
  • Will now be able to take damage while using Resurrect

Valkyrie Takes Over As The New Ultimate

  • All of the following enhancements are activated in Valkyrie mode and last 20 seconds
  • Mercy’s healing streams and damage boosts will chain to other allies near the targeted player. This will allow Mercy to heal or give damage boosts to multiple allies at one time.
  • The range of her Caduceus Staff has been extended, allowing her to be farther from allies when healing or providing damage boosts
  • Secondary fire from Caduceus Blaster has unlimited ammo, increased damage and a faster fire rate
  • Speed increase when using Guardian Angel along with increased range
  • Resurrect cool down is immediately reset and receives a 10 second cool down after the first use while in Valkyrie mode
  • Mercy is allowed to fly freely with full control of her movement in the air
  • Regeneration no longer be interrupted when taking damage

And that’s everything you need to know about Mercy’s PTR update changes in Overwatch. Be sure to stick with Twinfinite for more on Overwatch and future updates.

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