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Dream Daddy: Secret Cult Ending Explained


Dream Daddy: Secret Cult Ending Explained

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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a game filled with positive vibes. There are a variety of different happily ever after moments you can reach, depending on which dad you decided to go after and even the so-called bad endings aren’t anything too horrible. Most of them end with you and the other dad remaining friends or just simply going your separate ways. The darkest the game gets is with the inclusion of a few secret death ending and, in all honesty, even those are rooted in comedy. But there is one dad who just doesn’t seem to fit in with all the rest and fails to present a truly happy ending like the other dads. He’s also at the very center of an eerie, secret cult ending that data miners have uncovered in the game. Believe it or not, we’re not talking about Damien. It’s actually Joseph that is believed to be at the center of a secret cult ending that isn’t currently playable in the game.

Spoiler Warning! It’s impossible to explain the cult ending without spoiling some content from the game. Please be aware that these spoilers do involve more dads other than just Joseph.

That’s right, the resident clean-cut dad of the bunch may be up to the something pretty sinister. Dream Daddy players had long suspected something was off about Joseph but it wasn’t until a group of Dream Daddy data miners uncovered some secrets buried within the game’s code that the theory finally came together. According to the uncovered code, the cult ending takes place after you and Joseph decide to hook up on his yacht. Instead of heading home in the morning, you wake up wondering what the future holds for you now that you’re in a relationship with a married man. Once you finally come to, however, you realize you are bound in a dungeon.

The images from the code were recreated by the data miners and reveals the dark dungeon Joseph has apparently taken you to. A pile of ash and metal restraints on the far wall are creepy enough but a symbol on the wall makes a clear connection to Joseph. It is the same symbol that is seen on the wall clock and cross in Joseph’s home. Keep in mind that it’s also the same symbol Robert has tattooed on his hand. This is an important detail because Robert is the only father who is extremely vocal about his disdain for Joseph and he even warns you to stay away from him.

This is also a key time to recall the conversation you have with Robert if you go on two dates with him but ultimately decide to date Joseph instead. Robert is furious about your decision and warns you about what kind of person Joseph is. The most surprising thing, however, is that Robert makes mention of two friends hanging out together on a boat all night. At this point in the game, you actually haven’t been on a boat with Joseph all night nor have you made any plans to do so. This suggests that the entire date with Joseph was a part of a sinister plan he has carried out before and something that Robert already fell victim to in the past. It also explains why when you ask Robert about this tattoo in the game he becomes frustrated and simply claims it’s a “reminder.”

After a short moment of confusion, Joseph himself shows up in the dungeon and attempts to have small talk with your confused character. Instead, however, your character is focused on how different Joseph sounds and how odd his behavior is. Before your character finishes his thoughts, Joseph lets all the crazy start pouring out. Joseph, who is now dressed in clerical attire, tells your character that he’s a good listener and that he heard all the impure thoughts you had about “a married man, no less.” Essentially, Joseph is apparently a mind reader. The drama only kicks up a notch from there. Joseph goes on a rant explaining that he ruined his wife’s life and that the kids seen in his story aren’t even his kids. He’d rather refer to them as “vessels.” To be fair, Joseph’s children were a creepy bunch from the beginning. They always seemed odd and make your character feel uncomfortable. This could ultimately have some sort of impact on your character’s subconscious, which could play a factor if we are to believe one of the theories that the entire dungeon scene is a dream.

Next, Joseph admits that he has killed everyone who ever found out about the dungeon lurking beneath the cul-de-sac and that he’s the reason everyone in the area is eligible for dating anyway. He pushed them into divorce and even “hunted” wives and husbands “in the dark” so he could sacrifice them in the dungeon. If you recall spotting a dark, shadowy figure in the woods during one of the dates with Robert, this explains what you saw.

As Joseph continues explaining his evil deeds, he makes note of a powerful, mystical ancestor named Jonah. It seems to be no coincidence that this references a Biblical character who was swallowed by a giant whale since Joseph seemed fascinated by whales during your date on the yacht. It isn’t long before Joseph claims he has to “take care” of Robert who needs another visit from the Dover Ghost. This, of course, isn’t the first time the player would have heard about the ghost. Robert himself mentions the Dover Ghost in his own storyline, claiming he has seen the creature before while camping. The running theory here is that Joseph is the Dover Ghost and he has been dragging people to their death all this time. There are several moments throughout Dream Daddy where Joseph certainly seems to have connections to some demonic culture once all things are taken into consideration. At one point he was reading a book on rope and tying knots. Another instance you discover a cloth doll that has had both of its arms pulled off and stitched back together multiple times in his Joseph’s home. At first it may seem like the doing of rough children but the secret cult ending suggests these are all items being used for more demonic purposes.

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