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Absolver: How to Unlock Stagger Style


Absolver: How to Unlock Stagger Style

How to Unlock Stagger Style in Absolver

While there are only three different combat styles to choose from when you first start Absolver, there’s actually a fourth one available for you to unlock in the game. It’s called the Stagger style, and it is essentially the drunken fist. Unlocking it is not easy, though, as you’ll need to hunt down and take out an NPC named Jinn Mesca, Prime Disciple of the Gold Bottle.

You’ll first catch wind of this sort of quest after taking out Kuretz in the Colloseum and discovering a locked door that tasks you with finding Jinn. Upon locating and defeating this challenging boss, you can come back and open that door. Beyond it you’ll find Rakkio, another NPC, only this time it’s not a hostile one. Rakkio is the Mentor of the Stagger School. Talk to him to join and you can start using the school until you eventually unlock the Stagger style to use freely in Absolver.

After that, you’re free to switch to any other school, or, if you’ve reached far enough in the game, create your very own so others can learn to fight like you. Just make sure to level up a bit before seeking out Jiin, as it’s not an easy fight (never give a blade to a drunken master).

Absolver is now available for PS4 and PC. It will be coming to Xbox One at a later date.

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