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The Nintendo Switch Sold Almost 5 Million Units in Three Months

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The Nintendo Switch Sold Almost 5 Million Units in Three Months

A promising start for the Switch

It’s the end of this financial quarter, and Nintendo have published their sales records – and it’s given us a good idea on how well the Switch has sold.

For what it’s worth, the console has sold incredibly well, garnering 4.7 million units in the almost four months leading up to June 30 – for comparison, after a year on sale, the Xbox One shipped 10 million units worldwide. It looks like the Switch will almost certainly match up to this, at the rate it’s going. It might not compare to the PS4, though, which sold a colossal 18.5 million in its first year.

The software sales were also published by Nintendo, too; in total, 13.6 million software units were sold – not too shabby for a console with a limited lineup. On it’s own, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sold 3.92 million units, which is almost as much as the total console sales itself. Not too surprising, though, considering it was one of the only games at launch. Coming up just behind Zelda is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, at 3.54 million units – another incredible figure, especially since the game had only been out for 2 months as of these reports.

The next best-selling games for the Switch are 1-2-Switch, and ARMS, both of which are at around 1.2 million copies sold – it’s great news to see that ARMS has broken the 1 million mark after just 17 days on sale.

The Switch has proven to be a great success for Nintendo – whilst it’s not quite the same money-printer that the Wii was, at least the company has one foot forward again after the disastrous WiiU. You can check out the sales reports here, and find even more information scattered around relating to monetary gain, as well as 3DS sales.

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