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No, the Xbox One X Isn’t Getting Delayed

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No, the Xbox One X Isn’t Getting Delayed

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, but do believe this. This you should believe.

Gamers who actively seek out every little industry whisper and rumor, regardless of source or dubious nature, have been worrying enough about a potential Xbox One X delay that one fan reached out to Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer. In a brief response, Spencer put those rumors and fears to rest.

“Rumours are spreading that the Xbox one X is being delayed till [sic] spring 2018,” tweeted one particularly concerned fan, “are you still on track for Nov 7th?”

Spencer shot down the concern and expressed his bullishness about the 4K console hitting its planned launch date. “Still on track for November 7th,” he tweeted. “Feeling good about that date.”

The Xbox One X is already releasing just days shy of a year after rival and market leader Sony launched its own 4K console upgrade, the PlayStation 4 Pro, on November 10, 2016. Though Microsoft’s Xbox One X is objectively far more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro, it usually takes more than raw power to win games console market share. Any delay would obviously be damaging to Microsoft at this point, but it sounds like one is unlikely to occur.

Part of the internet hysteria stems from preorders still being unavailable for the console. The reason Microsoft hasn’t opened reserves yet, according to its website, is that it’s still waiting on approval from various government bodies such as the United State’s Federal Communications Commission. Preorders cannot begin until approval is received, but fans should be able to rest a little easier knowing Spencer seems unconcerned about this, or any other factor, causing a launch delay.

Microsoft first teased the Xbox One X as Project Scorpio in 2016 before formally announcing it as Xbox One X at E3 last month. The Xbox One X is (still) scheduled to launch November 7 for $499.


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