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Nintendo Switch Niconico App to Launch Tomorrow in Japan


Nintendo Switch Niconico App to Launch Tomorrow in Japan

Will YouTube be on the Horizon?

Niconico, the Japanese video sharing site, will soon be headed to Nintendo Switch consoles in Japan, it has been announced. The site is huge in the east, essentially functioning as a Japanese YouTube, and loads of gaming and anime-related announcements are made via their livestreaming service. As of right now, it’s not sure whether or not western Switch owners will have access to the app, but if we were to make a guess, we’d say probably not. We do know that the only supported language by the app will be Japanese, which leads one to believe that it’ll only work in Japan.

The new app is very similar to what you’d expect from mobile YouTube apps, and this will hopefully pave the way towards getting YouTube onto the Switch in some capacity. It’ll let you automatically play videos from the sidebar should you wish, and create auto-playing playlists too. Also featured in the app is Niconico’s well known comments system, which places them over the tops of videos automatically as it’s playing. Of course, this can get a little annoying, so you’ll probably have the option to turn it off, too.

The service will hit consoles tomorrow, so very soon we’ll be able to see if US and EU users will be able to get the app too. It’ll also support every stance mode for the switch, which is exactly as we’d expect. You can check out the announcement on the Japanese Nintendo Switch site (if you can read the language, that is), by clicking here.

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