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Killling Floor 2 Announced for Xbox One and Xbox One X


Killling Floor 2 Announced for Xbox One and Xbox One X

Get ready to wipe out Zeds in 4k.

Killing Floor 2 has been out for quite some time now on the PC and PS4, but it looks like its finally time for the Xbox One to get some love – and it’ll be getting the 4K treatment, too. Tripwire made the announcement via their website, saying that the game will hit the console next month for $39.99 and include all previously released content at no extra charge.

Now this already sounds like a good deal for Xbox owners, but there’s more in the form of timed in-game content; a freezethrower weapon, with eight new weapon skins, and a new Wasteland Armor uniform with five skins. The Xbox One X version of Killing Floor 2 will also 4k support, increased performance, high resolution textures and shadow maps and increased shadow-fade-out distance. Finally, it’ll include support for Mixer, Microsofts new streaming service that they’ve been pushing.

Killing Floor 2, for those of you who don’t know, is a multiplayer survival zombie shooter that tasks players to defend against hordes of the undead, or in some cases, play as them. The game’s main mode, Survival, tasks up to six players with holding off Zeds of all different shapes and sizes, from the common clot zombies to the huge fleshpound, in wave after wave of hell. Another fan favourite is Versus, a 12-player mode where half of the game plays as zombies trying to take out the survivors as fast as they can. It’s available to buy right now on PC and PS4, and will hit the Xbox One on August 29. To read the full announcement from Tripwire, along with all the new stuff it brings, head this way.

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