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XCOM 2 Trailer Teases New Enemy Unit: The Assassin

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XCOM 2 Trailer Teases New Enemy Unit: The Assassin

She’s a cold-hearted, katana wielding menace

Firaxis has released a trailer showcasing a new enemy unit that will be implemented in the upcoming XCOM 2 expansion War of the Chosen. The Assassin is a melee based, sword wielding menace that has the ability to cloak herself, giving her the opportunity to get up nice and close to your squad to either finish them off or even kidnap them. As you will see in the official trailer below, she isn’t someone to take lightly.

Don’t think that The Assassin’s only means of attack is her sword, she is also a threat from distance. Her ability ‘Harbor Wave’ is a psychic beam that can tear your units apart. This makes her a threat from anywhere, providing more depth to the strategy as players will need to outmaneuver and outsmart this smack talking ninja.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is due out on August 29th and includes new missions, environments and enemies that will deepen this award-winning strategy title. You can read our glowing review for the initial release of XCOM 2 right here.

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