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Rime’s Launch Trailer Is Both Mysterious and Beautiful


Rime’s Launch Trailer Is Both Mysterious and Beautiful

Mystery and beauty blended into one.

Rime’s release is just around the corner and players can get a taste of what to expect on the game’s mysterious island in its new launch trailer.

The trailer shows off just how stunning the island and all of its mysterious ruins look with the cel-shaded art style. We also get a quick look at what looks like an ancient machine of some sort, a giant bird, some of the island’s puzzles we’ll need to solve, and that adorable fox companion, too. You can check out Rime’s launch trailer below.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Rime, you can check out the game’s official description below.

Experienced through the eyes of a young boy shipwrecked alone on a mysterious island, Rime delivers an emotional journey of exploration and discovery. The game takes inspiration from a variety of sources, including literature like The Little Prince, the films of Studio Ghibli and Ray Harryhausen, the art of Joaquín Sorolla, and the gorgeous terrain of the Mediterranean coast. Players will encounter wild creatures, ancient ruins, forgotten secrets and thoughtful puzzles that play with light, sound, perspective and even time itself.

Rime will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 26. The game is also due to release on the Nintendo Switch in Q3 2017.

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