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Bungie Wants Destiny 2’s Raids to Be More Accessible

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Bungie Wants Destiny 2’s Raids to Be More Accessible

Always someone to play with.

During today’s livestream, Bungie revealed that it wants Destiny 2’s Raids to be more accessible than they were in the first game.

Kickstarting the livestream, Bungie’s Luke Smith talked about how in Destiny 2, players should always have someone to play with. Something that wasn’t always the case in the first game. “The Raids in Destiny one couldn’t be experienced by everyone. Fifty percent of people who reached the level cap got organized into Fireteams and completed a Raid,” Smith said. “This is amazing. It’s almost a miracle.” He added.

“But that means tons of players never got the opportunity to experience Destiny’s most unique content. And that miracle I talked about, that half of you played, that’s not good enough for Destiny 2.”

It’s something that Smith explained was at the heart of the vision for the game. “Destiny 2’s vision – it’s a world I want to be in. When I go there, there’s always amazing things for me to do. And if I want, there’s always someone for me to play with.”

To achieve this, Bungie announced that Clans were making their way in-game in the sequel, and also announced an entirely new feature called Guided Games. You can find out all about these features in Destiny 2 here.

Which side of the Raid divide did you fall down on in the first Destiny? Let us know down in the comments below.

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