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These Are the New Worlds You’ll Visit in Destiny 2

New Destiny 2 Areas

These Are the New Worlds You’ll Visit in Destiny 2

Oh the places you’ll go.

During Destiny 2’s major gameplay live stream today, Bungie revealed all of the new locations that Guardians will be visiting in Destiny 2. As we know, the Tower is gone, the Cabal have parked themselves in the Guardian capital, and humanity and its allies will fall back and regroup across different areas in the solar system. Let’s dig right into what’s new.

The European Dead Zone

The European Dead Zone (or EDZ as Bungie is calling it) should be familiar to Crucible fans. It is the place where humanity will finally settle down in after fleeing from the Cabal at the opening in the game. It’s place for people to regroup, and try to live a normal life while they plan what to do next.


Titan, a massive moon of Saturn, is a totally new area that will appear in Destiny 2. This is where players will find Zavala after the attack and players will have to navigate an area of the moon that is dominated by methane oceans.


This is an area that was surprise. Nessus is a small planetoid object that the Vex have completely taken over and turned it into one of their machine worlds. It’s where players will run into Cayde, and based on what was shown during the stream, he’s going to need the Guardian’s help.


Finally we have Io, a volcanic and sulfuric moon of Jupiter. One of the four Galilean moons, Io was the last place that the travele touched, and will be filled with lots of mythology. It is a location that is important to Warlocks, and will be where Ikora presumably falls back to.

While we’re not sure exactly where Nessus is, it’s clear that we’ll be spending a good amount of time in the outer, in addition to the inner, solar system this time. Did these areas surprise you like it did us? Did you want to see something different? Let us know in the comments.

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