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Persona 5: Who’s the Traitor That Betrays You?


Persona 5: Who’s the Traitor That Betrays You?

Who Is the Traitor That Betrays You in Persona 5?


At the very beginning of Persona 5, you find out that you have been caught because you have been betrayed. Sae Niijima, a Public Prosecutor of the District Special Investigation Department, informs you of this as you sit in interrogation after a heist gone wrong. Yet as you progress through the game, there’s no mention of that traitor for a very, very long time.

It turns out that the traitor is someone who was never actually your friend, but has close ties to another major character in the game: Masayoshi Shido, the man who gets Joker (the player character) sentenced to probation prior to the events of Persona 5. That vile man had an illegitimate son who he never loved. That son became angry, discovered a Palace and was granted the Wild Card ability, just like you. However, he catches wind of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts (your crew), and decides to use them in order to get closer to his father. That illegitimate son who is taking the long path to betrayal is none other than…Goro Akechi, the Justice Confidant, and the person who joins your crew in order to stop the man in the Black Mask, which is actually him.

He is trying to help his father gain the position of prime minister of Japan. Well, not really. He wants to get him right up to the point right before he gets the title only to reveal everything and have the people shun his father, just like his father shunned him. It’s sad that he betrayed everyone after being accepted, and he even gets another chance to join them because Joker and the gang are cool like that.

He was really being used and manipulated due to his insecurities. And when all is said and done, he makes an effort to make things right.

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