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Persona 5: How to Romance Makoto Niijima


Persona 5: How to Romance Makoto Niijima

How to Romance Makoto Niijima in Persona 5

You first see Makoto after completing Persona 5’s first Palace, the Castle of Lust. She’s a fellow student at Shujin Academy and student body president. The principle pushes her to investigate the Phantom Thieves of Hearts (that’s you and your buddies), putting her at odds between the troubles surrounding the school and what is actually the right thing to do. She’s really just a victim of some very weird circumstances, and she’s even got a lot of nightmarish things going on in her life outside of school to deal with, too.

Like with Ann, you won’t have the option to turn your relationship with Makoto into a romance until it’s time to level up her Confidant (Priestess) to Rank 9. There are a few extra steps to obtaining this rank, though.

You’ll need to get information on the host of the building before being able to talk to Makoto. Head over to Shinjuku and talk to the man outside of the bookstore twice, then head back to talk to her. Talk to Makoto until the following set of options pops up:

  • “You’ll find someone someday.”
  • “I’ll be your study partner.”

The study partner option triggers the romance thread, where you have one more decision to make to either make her your girlfriend or just backtrack and keep her as a friend. The options are:

  • “I do.” (romance)
  • “That’s not what I meant.” (friendship)

After the conversation is over, you’ll have started a romance, Makoto will reach Rank 9, and she’ll learn the Protect ability (lets her shield you from fatal attacks).

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