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Persona 5: One Who Bullies Bullies Mementos Guide


Persona 5: One Who Bullies Bullies Mementos Guide

Defeat the top bully.

One Who Bullies Bullies in Persona 5

As you progress through the story in Persona 5, and keep up with your Mementos requests, you’ll eventually get a new request titled “One Who Bullies Bullies.” This can only be unlocked after you complete the request “The Bark and Bite of a Bully.”

Soon after completing that first request, Mishima will contact you a few days later, informing you of a master bully who’s been coercing the other bullies to be mean to your fellow schoolmates. Before you can change his heart, however, you’ll have to track him down in the real world first. After getting the request, head straight to the school gate and listen in on the conversation between the master bully and Daisuke, whom you confronted in the previous mission. This will provide you with the identity of your new target. Now, all you have to do is group up with the Phantom Thieves at your hideout, explain the situation to them, and you can head into Mementos to confront him.

The mini-boss for this request is Black Frost, so you’re going to want some ice and fire resistance.

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