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Persona 5: Magistrate’s Patronage Question’s Answer


Persona 5: Magistrate’s Patronage Question’s Answer

The Answer to the Magistrate’s Patronage Question in Persona 5

While playing Persona 5, the player character is tasked with many responsibilities. They must stay out of trouble, help save the world by stealing hearts, and, most importantly, attend school. While most school days fly by quickly, every now and then you must actually answer a teacher’s question. This improves your Knowledge Social Stat, as well as earns you a bit of respect from your peers (who are terrified after hearing rumors about your criminal record). A lot of the questions are pretty straight forward, with most players who have actually been to high school able to answer them without looking the question up. But every now and then there comes a question that is pretty difficult, like the Magistrate’s Patronage question.

This question is asked on 5/10, and the teacher informs everyone of the meaning of the phrase Magistrate’s Patronage before picking on the protagonist to tell the class who coined the term. The answer is Minamoto no Yoshitsune. You wouldn’t be blamed for not knowing that beforehand (I certainly didn’t), so use this answer to shock the teacher and earn some brownie points from your fellow students. Also, remember this question because the phrase pops up again during your midterms.

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