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Persona 5: How to Beat Shadow Kamoshida


Persona 5: How to Beat Shadow Kamoshida

How to Beat Shadow Kamoshida in Persona 5

Shadow Kamoshida is the first major boss you face in Persona 5 when you reach the end of the very first Palace, which is the Metaverse version of your school, Shujin Academy. He represents the innermost desires of Kamoshida, the PE teacher and volleyball coach at the school. Turns out that underneath the champion smile is a sick, sadistic man who views the school as his castle and the helpless students as his slaves and playthings.

The fight against him after finally sending your Calling Card can be challenging if you approach it the wrong way. It has several parts and he has several attacks at his disposal. We recommend tackling this Persona 5 encounter at level 10, mainly so Ann can learn Tarunda, a Persona ability that lowers a target’s attack power for three turns. Since Shadow Kamoshida can attack twice in a row, minimizing his damage output will make the fight much easier. It’s also recommended that setting Morgana to Heal/Support will make things easier. You will also need to be on the lookout for a few moves that the boss uses:

Volleyball Assault – Uses his slaves to bombard a target with volleyballs. He can use this ability twice in one turn and not necessarily on a singular target. With his attack lowered, it only does around 30 points of damage, which is very manageable.

Golden Knife – A single attack that does slightly more damage than Volleyball Assault. Can also be used twice in one turn.

“Looks at …” – This is a setup maneuver for Lick. He will only attack the target mentioned on his next turn, so immediately have them Guard. During my time he only targeted Ann for some reason, but still make sure to pay attention to what name pops up.

Lick – A powerful attack against a single targeted enemy. You don’t have to worry much about this as long as you Guard. If you don’t Guard, though, it can do a ton of damage.

Golden Spike – His strongest attack. Shadow Kamoshida will send his slaves out during a turn, letting you know this is coming. Set all of your party members to Guard as this hits everyone and does massive damage. It can put you on low health even while guarding depending on your level, so don’t get caught slipping.

Libido Boost – Heals all of the damage he’s received (can be very annoying).

Drinks From Wine Glass – Raises his attack.

Now that we have all the attacks down, it’s time to get into the fight.

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