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Persona 5: How Long It Is & How Many Palaces There Are


Persona 5: How Long It Is & How Many Palaces There Are

How Long and How Many Palaces – Persona 5

Persona 5 has finally released upon the gaming community and fans are already beginning to tear into the colorful and highly stylized world. This JRPG has been making waves thanks to its refined combat, great cast of characters, and fantastic moment to moment gameplay that keeps users engaged from the very beginning. If you are looking to dive into this world be prepared to sink a lot of time as Persona 5 is no small feat to accomplish. An average playthrough can take anywhere from 80 to a 100 hours if you are not trying to just speed through it, as this title is quite long thanks to the plethora of activities, missions, and confidants you’ll need to manage. There are also a handful of Palaces, which act as more vibrant and elaborate worlds that the player explores by entering the minds of other citizens.

Here is every Palace in Persona 5:

  • Castle Palace
  • Museum Palace
  • Bank Palace
  • Pyramid Palace
  • Spaceport Palace
  • Casino Palace
  • Cruiser Palace
  • Prison Palace

Each of these missions are incredibly elaborate and culminate in a tricky boss battle that can take a few tries to vanquish if you are not prepared. However, the journey doesn’t stop here as Persona 5 encourages multiple playthroughs since your stats carry over which can extend how long this game is by dozens of hours. One of the biggest driving factors is to finish every confidant’s storyline, as players can easily miss them or have them unavailable if they participate in other activities such as a part time job. Diving into Persona 5 is no simple task, however, this fantastic JRPG is worth every hour as it’s one of the most polished and enjoyable games of the year.

For more guides, tips, and walkthroughs make sure to check out our Persona 5 wiki.

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