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Outlast 2: How to Record With Your Camera


Outlast 2: How to Record With Your Camera

How to Record in Outlast 2

Very early on in Outlast 2, Blake finds his camcorder which of course becomes your primary tool throughout the entire game. You may have remembered him recording his wife during the opening moments, videos that you can watch again if you choose to do so. But how can you record more events to share with the world what you’ve discovered in this mysterious, isolated Arizona town?

It turns out that you can’t just record things whenever you want in Outlast 2. Instead, the camera will automatically start recording important scenes or events. You’ll see a red circle start to fill in the center of your screen, just stay focused on the main target and it will be saved to your camera when complete. You can then watch the video to gain more insight on what you just saw. Your camera will also take a picture of any notes you pick up for future perusal. You can then read a plain text format by pressing Square or X if you’re struggling to read the various different handwriting samples present in the game.

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