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Outlast 2: How to Use the Camera


Outlast 2: How to Use the Camera

How to Use the Camera in Outlast 2

Like in the first game, the only gadget you can truly rely on in Outlast 2 is your trusty camera. It will serve as a menu of sorts as well as a tool that will help you navigate the dark locales filled with horrors. Since it’s of so much importance, it’s mapped to its own button, ready to be whipped out at any time. To use your camera, simply tap R1, RB, or the Right Mouse Button. You can tap the button again to put it away.

The camera has a variety of uses, with the most pertinent one being night vision. By pressing R3, RS, or F, you’ll activate the device’s night vision giving everything a nice, green glow and making it possible to navigate the more pitch black areas. You can also use it to look further into the distance thanks to its zoom functionality. By using up and down on the d-pad you can zoom in and out while playing Outlast 2 allowing you to get a better handle on situations and plot your course through the gauntlet of nightmares. If you’re in need of figuring out where sound is coming from, pressing left on the d-pad will bring up the microphone functionality, letting you detect sounds.

Recording of important moments is done automatically, just keep your lens focused on the target until the red circle fills up. You can check any videos you’ve recorded by pressing Touchpad, Views Button, or Tab and then pressing Square, X, or Space to review footage. The footage will often play important information that wasn’t actually stated as you were recording, so be sure to do this when you acquire new scenes.

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