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Overwatch’s New Hero, Orisa, Is Now Playable on the PTR


Overwatch’s New Hero, Orisa, Is Now Playable on the PTR


A new hero will soon join the fray of Overwatch after some teases. #24 to join the roster is Orisa, an OR15 unit upgraded from the OR14s created during the Omnic Crisis intended to fight against the humans. Years later, in the city of Numbani, the OR15 was created and lost in fights against Doomfist in the Numbani airport. 11-year-old girl Efi Olade still had hope in the units, and thus, Orisa was born.

Orisa is a single, heroic unit made specifically by Efi herself. She’s a brand new hero “just on the scene” in the timeline of Overwatch, and intended to be a new hero of the future. She’s a Tank class, with a primary weapon known as the Fusion Driver, a machine gun that slows her movement when she’s firing, but also gives her great range. The Driver’s alternate fire sends out a pulse similar to Zarya’s Graviton Charge that brings any affected targets in the radius toward her in a brief moment of time, and those people can be pulled around corners as well. Her Fortify power makes her tougher and prevents her from any crowd control ability that can be used against her (Kaplan cites Pharah’s Concussive Blast as an example). In addition, her protective barrier lets her protects allies and has normal damage like other barriers in the game. Finally, her Ultimate is Supercharger, which increases the damage of anyone in its line of sight. The only thing is, the enemy team can destroy it, so it’s best to protect it or drop it off to the side out of line of sight from the baddies.

Orisa comes to Overwatch today as part of the Overwatch PTR before joining the cast full time in a matter of weeks.

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