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Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Beat the Kett Ascendant


Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Beat the Kett Ascendant

How to Beat the Kett Ascendant in Mass Effect: Andromeda

While playing through Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’ll start to encounter more powerful enemies that will really test your skills in combat. The first Kett enemy to do this will be the Ascendant. It looks like a normal enemy, only it’s shrouded in an impenetrable shield and its attacks push you while not doing much damage. This can lead to a false sense of safety as it doesn’t really hurt you… until it teleports, that is. The Ascendant’s teleportation attack can kill you in just a couple of seconds if you don’t react quick enough.

Don’t worry, though, even though it can kill easily, it’s not that difficult to face off against. The first thing you need to do is clear out any other enemies nearby. The last thing you need is a distraction while the Kett Ascendant is jumping around. When you face one you’ll usually have some Anointed and the regular grunts. Clear them out quickly however you can. Now you can focus on the real threat.

If you pay attention to the shield, you’ll notice that all the attacks are coming from something called the Ascendant’s Orb, and that the item is revolving around the shield. That is your target. You can’t assign your team to focus on it for some reason, but it’s not too difficult to take out. Just get a clear line of sight and start firing. Positioning your team close to the enemy will cause it to focus on them, as well, preventing it from teleporting to you. Just keep focusing on the orb, switching cover as necessary and avoiding its stun effect.

Once the orb is destroyed, it’s your chance to kill this enemy. It will float completely vulnerable in the air, and as long as you keep a steady stream of fire on it, the Kett Ascendant will not re-summon its shield. Just go for headshots, or if you have a shotgun get in close and shred him to pieces. He can still attack, but it’s nothing too serious. Have everyone focus on the enemy and it will be dead in no time. If you’re low on ammo, or it manages to get its shields back up, just rinse and repeat until victory.

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