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Is Tali in Mass Effect Andromeda?


Is Tali in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Is Tali in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Mass Effect Andromeda is taking players on a new journey, one that dives into an entirely new galaxy with a new cast of characters. For those fans of the Normandy crew, though, you may be wondering if Tali makes an appearance in this new title.

Well, bad news for them, because sadly, Tali won’t be a part of Mass Effect Andromeda. This is because of a couple major reasons. For one, this game takes place in a distant galaxy hundreds of years after the events of the original trilogy. Unless Tali joined the Initiative to travel there, she’s pretty dead in this time period.

The second reason you’re likely not to see her is because BioWare has moved on. They’ve stated that Andromeda will be an entirely separate adventure, one that isn’t lagging behind in the characters and story of the first three games. You shouldn’t expect to see any of the Normandy crew in your time, though there may be references to Shepard in there, considering you get to choose Shepard’s gender at the start of the game.

What character would you want to see return in Mass Effect Andromeda? Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

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