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Ghost Recon Wildlands: Where to Find a Plane


Ghost Recon Wildlands: Where to Find a Plane

Where to Find a Plane – Ghost Recon Wildlands

For those looking to explore every inch of the vast regions in Bolivia, you will want to consider stealing a plane to fly. Not only is this the quickest way to move across the map in real-time, but it serves as a wonderful way to infiltrate an enemy stronghold via skydiving. Planes are perhaps the rarest vehicle to come across in Ghost Recon Wildlands, so you will want to keep your eyes open for their symbol when exploring the land. They can usually be found at airports, large open fields, and in some cases, rebel outposts.

However, some regions, such as P.N. De Agua Verde and Ocoro have a noticeable shortage of planes thanks to their unique geography. Some areas that have easily accessible planes are Barvechos and Itacua, so if you are in need of one, check there first. Other areas have planes, but most of them are protected by surface to air missiles that can blast you out of the sky if you’re not a skilled pilot.

Make sure to always check the difficulty rating of a region before taking off in a plane, as any location above three skulls is guaranteed to be watching the skies. Yet, if you can manage to steal a plane and fly over an enemy base, it’s very easy to skydive in without the cartel being altered. Plus, it just looks really cool, which is the most important part, right?

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